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SPA = The Williams' Sisters = Has 'beens' or More To Come?

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

SPA = To win more championships = Advice From The most enlightened being alive to Venus & Serena Williams = #1 Hire a Pro mathematician to teach you how to play each & every point mathematically = each point/ball must be played/land on the farest possible spot away from where the ball came from = your experience & know how is already in your make up = your mental & know hows will always be far superior to new comers/young players as their physical youth (growth) will always be superior to your aging physical bodyso do not think are try to out play your younger/fresher opponents physically = leave that to champions who are in denial of 'their physical age' = Play each point/game mathematically = After the mathematical mastery ( will be very easy for you because of your skills and experiences ) of the court = Please literally count each shot numerically and rhythemly = Play each shot as a note which increases in volume = as in first shot, see each bounce as 1, 2, 3 & 4, (when you get to 4, start the count from 1 again = 4 perfect beat) = literally play sing/rhythemize each point = this equals perfect calm & control = Please reread this until you truly 'over-stand it' not 'under'-stand it = Much love & respect. Soon come Note The best person to practice with is each other and your father as your mental coach = you will see wonders from this hidden mystic bloodline dna loyalty connection = www.spadotcoms.com2

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