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The Best Solution 4 Gun Control = SPA = Kill Them All?

Thanks for reading this blog. SPA = Supreme Power Action = Always knows this = The best solution = is usually the most basic, applicable & practical =To keep up with the eventualities of the new global 'Tech World/Earth/People' gun violence must be checked to ensure every time a gun is fired there is a record of it simply by requireing all new guns to be made to automatically take a snapshot-picTure, the moment the gun is fired and that guns are also made with gps. Older guns must be made/lawed mandetory to install an adopter which will allow for the snapsot-picture and the gps = This is a great business oportunity for the developement of said adapters and adopter installers = I Trust that said developers will bless I with a little thank you cash so that I may 'blow' their minds with other great ideas and creations until they 'come' = Much love & respect. Soon ccome

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