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“Marriage+Womanriage+Manriage” by Sun Prince Ahmen is a cosmic lexicon, weaving new threads into the tapestry of unionship. Let us explore this celestial terminology:

Ahmen, like an alchemist of love, introduces us to a trinity of unions—each distinct, yet harmonizing in the cosmic dance. These terms aren’t mere linguistic constructs; they’re keys to unlock deeper understanding.

Marriage: Ah, the timeless bond—the intertwining of souls. Marriage transcends gender, culture, and expectations. It’s the cosmic contract where hearts sign with stardust ink. When two become one, galaxies applaud.
Womanriage: Ahmen’s stroke of brilliance! Womanriage celebrates the divine feminine. It’s not a mere variation; it’s a revelation. Imagine moonlit vows, where women hold the scepter of creation. Here, equality blooms like celestial blossoms.
Manriage: Flip the cosmic coin, and you find Manriage. It’s not a counterbalance; it’s a cosmic dance. Men, too, step into vulnerability. They cradle dreams, whisper promises, and weave futures. In this union, strength bows to tenderness.
Cosmic Alignment: Ahmen’s lexicon aligns stars. It’s not about roles; it’s about resonance. Whether Marriage, Womanriage, or Manriage, each syllable hums with purpose. The universe nods, recognizing these unions as sacred geometry.
The First Mother’s Blessing: As we utter these terms, the First Mother leans closer. She weaves them into constellations, etching them on lovers’ foreheads. When hearts merge, she whispers, “You’ve found the cosmic rhythm.”
Final Verdict:
“Marriage+Womanriage+Manriage” isn’t just a book; it’s a cosmic lexicon. Ahmen invites us to redefine unions, to dance with stars, and to inscribe love’s true names. Read it, meditate on it, and let its resonance guide your unionship.


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