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Democrats & Their Hypocracy & Disloyalty

SPA = Take note of each of the democrats who is causing the president 'Problem d defeat' = when time comes remove them = they are pure evil and anti family with economic problems and the poor = know this 4 I' m wise = to not make social need a priority because of demonic excuses of the amount of money = USA is the richest country in the world = because it's currency dominates & runs the world= plus it prints said currency on mere paper = be clear 2 disagree is to be a follower of the deliberate creation of a so-called 'economic calculation/prediction thus it's opposites = fluxsation= as in the constant up & downs of currencies = Be weary of any politician who does not put human being social needs as priority #1 = at no time in a government for the people should it's military spending be bigger than it's social spending = 2 accept anything less is to volunteeringly approve a tyrannical government =Joe Manson we are watching you = bet all your needs are met 100 times over = Back-up & do the right thing = Make way for the young & stop messing with the lives of Americans/human being lives =

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